Full Body Massage Therapy by Male Masseur for Austin and Round Rock, TX

Full-Body Massage Therapy
Serving Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville & Georgetown, TX

I am grateful that you have arrived at a space of tranquility, peace, and love. Here, you may find the most extensive and informative massage therapy website in Central Texas.

For men & women in the Austin and Round Rock, Texas area who enjoy the finer expressions of life, I offer an opportunity to experience an abundance of unique services. Whether you desire a full body massage to enhance awareness of body, mind and Spirit, or an invigorating sports massage, you will experience why my stroke has been rated "the best effleurage in the city" by my renown massage instructor.

A flowing Esalen-styled swedish full-body massage is designed for relaxation and to increase the oxygen flow in the blood, soothe muscles, and release toxins from tissues. This graceful, rhythmic massage uses detailed, comprehensive muscle & tissue strokes enhanced by fluid, full-body strokes.Full Body Massage Therapy by Male Masseur in Austin & Round Rock, TX

For the 'weekend warrior', therapeutic massage is designed for those that have experienced an injury or physical challenge. This massage is not a flowing style of massage and not designed for relaxation but rather specifically attends to a physical challenge or injury.

Tantra sessions are designed for practitioners of tantra and those interested in being fully present in the moment to recognize illusions of duality which may cause pain in their daily lives. Sessions provide an opportunity to experience a journey of the senses and unite with Universal Consciousness.

Sports massage is an invigorating muscle massage designed specifically for athletes who are fresh from the gym or field of play. This massage is designed to rid muscles and tissues of lactic acid and improve range of motion & muscle flexibility. The massage is quick-paced, includes multiple stretches, and may be intense for some. Results may be improved power & performance and shortened recovery time between workouts and sports activities.

Are you looking for something unique and enduring to give each other? Are you interested in deepening the intimacy in your relationship with your beloved? Learn how to give your significant other the gift of a massage. I provide coaching and instruction for men & women. See couples massage coaching for additional details.

These services and many more can be located on the massage services page. Services are provided in an exquisite massage studio in the North Austin/South Round Rock, TX area.

My services and studio are designed to be an exquisite temple for the discriminating client to have the opportunity to experience healing, congruence, and peace.

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All services are provided in a safe, non-judgmental environment by a male masseur who is sensitive and responsive regardless of race, age, body type, gender (male or female), gender identity, or sexual orientation (gay, bisexual, or straight).

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