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Tantra Massage Session Characteristics:

  • For practitioners of tantra and those open to chakra balancing, body polarity and/or those who desire to expand their understanding, practice, and application of universal consciousness.

  • Depending on session length, session may include discussion, several tantric rituals, guided mediation, lectio devino, anointing/blessing of Chakras, and/or a tantric food ritual.

  • The practice of tantra is not about massage. Touch in tantra sessions are not designed to work muscles. Rather, this metaphysical-based session may include touch that is designed for heightened stimulation and connection.

  • Massage medium: Crème

  • Draping: According to tantric ideals, a tantra massage is performed without draping to an entirely nude body. If draping is important to you, then I recommend choosing a different modality.

  • I offer 90, 120, 150, and 180 minute sessions. Longer sessions can be discussed once you have become an established client. Please note that 90 minute sessions are very short for a tantric session and many elements can not be completed because of time constraints.

  • Tantra massage sessions are available in my private studio only (no outcalls).

  • See Feedback from other clients.

Tantra massage sessions can be a very unique experience. Tantra massage approaches the body as a Temple of the Divine, intending to put us more 'in touch' with our innermost selves through sacred touch and nurturing. Tantra massage consciously unleashes energy within the chakras, producing its transformative and healing potential.

Tantra massage can be effective in dealing with wounds and blockages pertaining to intimacy, sexuality, and relationships. Both men and women can discover new dimensions when sensual touch is slow, meditative, and purposeful. For women, tantra may empower and fulfill their desires by receiving sensual touch from a male who is completely free of ulterior motives. For men, tantra may open up a vast new world of intimacy. For couples, tantra may create a more meaningful and intimate connection.

Tantra sessions may also enhance somatic literacy and emotional facility, allowing the body, heart, psyche, and Spirit to move towards alignment.

A tantra session is no value unless it takes place in an environment of trust and safety which promotes wellbeing. Before the session, you will be asked about your personal boundaries. To a tantric practitioner, your boundaries are supreme and will be honored, without pause, at all times.

In a tantra massage, both the practitioner and client use methods to weave energy to become harmonious with the universal energy of the universe.

Sensual Tantra MassageA tantra massage involves the client as an active participant by fully breathing slowly and deeply as well as meditatively opening themselves up to the universal energy in the room and of the entire universe.

While the strokes are much like a swedish massage, they are lighter, slower, and highly sensual in nature. A tantra massage uses long, fluid strokes to focus and move energy throughout the body rather than on detailed strokes one would experience in a therapeutic or sports massage.

You may experience emotional release as well as feeling deeply cared for and connected with your entire being. A tantric massage may make you feel as if you are in a trance, where physical boundaries dissolve, time disappears, worries and problems no longer seem important, or are forgotten altogether.

Your entire body will be massaged, including those particularly sensitive areas, such as the back of your knee, the small of your back, the inside of your thigh, etc. Your energy flow is stimulated and senses awakened as your body's sensitivity increases.

In a tantric session, both the practitioner and client appreciate that there is no subject and no object. Nothing is observed, and there is no observer.

Without separating from consciousness, become aware of everything by experiencing oneness with all things. When you drop your individual idiosyncrasies, the whole universe becomes one with you. We are all Masters of Being.

Experience reality by seeing the Heart manifest in all things. There is an end to thoughts which differentiate, an end to emotional blocks, an end to refusals by the body. There is no more searching, no more escaping. In this state of receptivity, everything is meditation.

What is Tantra?tantric lovers (Sanskrit Spelling: तन्त्र)

Tantra is one of the most misunderstood metaphysical practices in the West. Tantra is a five thousand year old practice of spiritual science. It provides a holistic wisdom link between ourselves and the universe we inhabit.

The word tantra is Sanskrit. The word is derived from two root words. "Tan" comes from tanoti, which means expansion. "Tra" is derived from trayati, with means liberation. Through Tantra, we are given tools to expand our consciousness and weave our perception of all creation as limitless and indivisible as the Divine experience. This expansion liberates our energy, increasing our potential on every level. Some tantric tools for transformation are meditation, visualization, the recitation of mantras, pranayama (breath practices), awareness exercises, devotional practices, and physical practices, such as hatha yoga. Some tantric practitioners, particularly in the West, practice Tantra by approaching sexuality from a sacred perspective.

Tantra is both an art and a science. It is the science of increasing awareness to expand consciousness. It is the fine art of beauty, flow and grace embodied in physical form. It is the dance of the elements in the vastness of space adorned by ornaments of physicality. Tantra is the force of the living universe expressing itself through us. No one can claim to own universal energy ... we can only discover the profound joy and beauty of merging with it.

Tantra has been well tested over thousands of years, not in worldly laboratories, but in the laboratories of the human body by Yogi scientists and Tibetan Lamas who were not driven by commerce but by the earnest desire for spiritual knowledge and liberation. Their observations and insights have been passed down to those who seek to live life in solace, peace and bliss.

What Tantra is Not:

Tantra is not something that one person does to another. If you have been receiving 'tantra massages' where tantra is "done to you" in any way, shape, form, or fashion, you are not experiencing tantra.

Many people in the West experience Tantra during intimate experiences with their significant other. In tantra, this act is know as 'Maithuna', a ritual of union. It should be noted that Maithuna is one ritual among hundreds that are practiced by tantrikas. In fact, Maithuna is practiced only by the most seasoned of tantrikas.

Any experience linked to ego, possession of an object, or lack of aatmabodha (Aatmadodha - Sanskrit - n. "self-awareness") has absolutely nothing to do with tantrism.

It is also important to understand that, within the metaphysical practice of tantra, there is no such ritual as a tantra massage. Indeed, massage has nothing to do with tantra and tantra has nothing to do with massage. That said, it is possible to experience massage while expressing tantric ideals, just as it is possible to experience driving a car through rush hour traffic while expressing tantric ideals.

Recommended Session:tantra

A tantra massage session is highly unique. Since tantra is highly misunderstood here in the West, I spend a very short time before each session providing information about tantra for those who seek knowledge in the practice. However, a few minutes of teaching will not provide sufficient knowledge about tantric practices. Continued sessions may provide additional, more detailed information. However, I must observe the tantric rule of 'The Understanding and the Abnegation'. Tantra Yoga forbids those deeds by which the elementary rights of another human being are denied. Tantric Masters will never try to persuade, at all cost, others to perform special Tantric techniques. The understanding must come from inside, and the approaching of the Tantric way must be done with the participation of one's entire being, and with total self-offering. Therefore, self study is of paramount importance.

To achieve the full benefits of sessions, I urge clients to first inform themselves about Eastern (right-handed) tantra and tantric ideals. It would behoove you to understand tantric breathing techniques, chakra balancing, and body polarities to receive the full benefits of a tantric session. As well, knowing how to be present, in-the-moment, instead of trying to be in the imagined future or the dead past is paramount to the success of a session.

There are a number of books written on tantra. However, choose your edification wisely. Many books are written on Western versions of tantra (left handed, red tantra and variations thereof). Very little of what you will find on the internet will relate to Eastern tantra (right handed, white tantra and variations thereof).

That all stated, please understand that tantra is not something one can learn from just reading a few books, attending a weekend conference, or for that matter, from experiencing one of my sessions. Tantra is not a practice such as kick-boxing, where one attends a class to practice its techniques. Tantra is a life long journey and practice. One must live the practice of tantra to reap its rewards.

If you are not knowledgeable in tantra, I recommend scheduling at least a 120 minute session to introduce yourself to the practice. Please note that a 90 minute session is extremely short for a tantric session and many elements of the session can not be completed because of time constraints.

Continued sessions may transform dramatically. Long-time tantric clients may experience sessions that may involve additional tantric rituals as well as a different form of massage called Kashmirian massage (a massage performed without a table and on the floor).

Unlike my other sessions, please note that a tantra session begins the moment you walk in the door and not the moment the massage begins. Up to 30 minutes may transpire between the time you walk in the door and the massage portion of the session begins.

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