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As infants, most of us are held and cuddled. Indeed, touch was nurturing and a necessary key factor in our development as healthy human beings. As we grew a little older, we 'puppy piled' with friends as we played. We climbed all over each other and laid across each other as we played with toys on the floor. We held hands with mom, dad, sisters, brothers, and friends. Affectionate touch was perfectly normal.

However, as we continued our path to adolescence and sexuality, society began to tell us that affectionate touch was inappropriate. Somewhere along the way, today's 'politically correct' society convinced us that continued affection must lead to sex. So, we continued into our adult lives being taught that touch equals sex.

Unfortunately, today's social environment has caused many to simply not seek the touch of others for fear their intentions may be misinterpreted. Many of us became touched deprived, not able to communicate affection, scared, and confused.

Yet, whether we are children or adults, physical communion and affectionate touch are necessary for healthy immune systems, good mental health, and beneficial for our nervous system. It may reduce stress levels and help ailing or injured people to heal.

Touch is a means of communicating with the people around us. Practicing welcomed, affectionate touch without sexualizing it can improve relationships of all kinds.

A BeCuddled session is for established clients who have interest in being held and/or holding another person.

A client who schedules a BeCuddled session may have challenges with intimacy, fear of physical touch, a feeling of touch deprivation because of a loss of a partner through death or divorce, or other intimacy challenges in their relationships or marriage.

The space is intended to be a safe environment and open to explore various cuddling and touch styles. I help create a safe space to help facilitate a comfortable, non-threatening session where we can explore affectionate touch, boundaries, and communication to change our perceptions of touch in a way that's conscious, healthy, nutritious, and without shame.

We explore and reclaim the sense of affectionate touch and play we naturally displayed and enjoyed as children, and that we still need to be happy, healthy adults.

If you are one of my established clients, I invite you to BeCuddled today. If you are a new client, I invite you to schedule a different session and, if you feel led, discuss with me your desire to be cuddled.

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